BHHP Horse Riding Program



While the horses are typically available at no charge to our Seasonals there are conditions

·         Must have signed a waiver

·         Never go in the barn alone

·         Must always have an experienced person with you (we will post who is experienced)

·         For every hour riding we expect an hour’s work which could be any of the following

o   Grooming other horses

o   Cleaning tack

o   Cleaning tack rooms

o   Cleaning horse areas

o   Working on rider challenge course

o   Fencing

o   Weed eating fence lines

o   Mowing pasture

·         Must groom horse before riding (not considered riding or work time)

·         Must always ride with another person

·         Helmet is always recommended for everyone and must be worn if under 18

·         Must ride assigned horse (while we all have our favorite horse we must share and ride all the horse we consider to be suitable for your ability)

·         When riding in groups we ride to the ability of the least rider

·         Lessons available for $15/hr by appointment

·         Natural Horsemanship DVD available for $5 rental (great to learn and understand horses)

·         Visitors may ride if horse is available for $15 (with signed waiver)

·         Horses can be trailered to local trails

·         Overnight trips can be arranged