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The Campground - We pride ourselves on having the most modern and best maintained privately owned Recreational Park in Ohio.

This park was built in 1969 with the most modern facilities for the time. Times have changed and so has the ownership.  We acquired the park in December 95 and continue modernizing to bring it into the 21st century making it more like a resort than a primitive campground.  Featuring such amenities as carded entry and automatic exit gates for security andariel.gif (37089 bytes) privacy which affords you a quiet relaxed atmosphere. You may choose your own new site, whether it be amid our maple and stately 200 year old oak trees (if you prefer a shady spot) or you may wish partial shade with a water view where you can serenely observe the swans  and deer.  Sites in full sun look over lush grass lawns and may have a water view.  Some elect to look out at a farming field landscape.  So we do have a site that will suit you.

To date, we have now completely renovated 3/4 of the old sites and added 46 new cottage sites.  We have also bought another 50 acres of adjourning land to add even more features to the already packed calendar and activities. 

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