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Berlin Heights Holiday Park Ltd., 10902 SR 113, Berlin Heights OH 44814
Ph (419) 588 2351    Emergency Ph   Sheriff (419) 625-7951
Rates are based on the entire BHHP open season, May 1st to October 15th, or part thereof. Payments are due in full by April 15th.    Payment for new Seasonals must be paid in full before moving in.  Sites are not transferable.  There will be no refund if you are asked to leave for not following the regulations, theft or disturbing the rights of others.  Anyone with an outstanding balance on May 1st will forfeit any payments made and the right to that site and that site will be made available to others.  A 50% (non refundable) deposit (based on the sites base rate) for the next season, (to hold your site) must be paid by October 15th, to be able to leave your RV on site.  No one who is working  is  allowed to live and work out of  the park on a day to day basis.  Employees and their families are exempt.
The park owners and/or operators are not responsible for accidents, injuries, cars, camping units, or any other personal property.   All campers must maintain insurance for the above items.  A certificate of insurance and liability for the camping unit, for the duration of stay, must be submitted to the office proving coverage. You agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless Berlin Heights Holiday Park, Ltd., its agents and employees for any injury, death, or property damage caused by or resulting from your or your family’s participation in the activities associated with Berlin Heights Holiday Park.
The lodge and its facilities are available to you from 8am to 1am daily. No smoking in all buildings. Swimsuits are not considered proper attire for the lodge.  Bare feet are not allowed in any building.   
Key Cards for Gates
Are for registered campers and regular visitor use only. Do not give it to anyone else or use it to let anyone in. Violators will be denied access.  One vehicle through the gate at a time.
Off limits
The workshop and sewer plant are strictly off limits. Do not play with or on any park equipment.
Visitor entry hours are 9am to 9pm. After 11pm visitors are considered overnight guests. You are required to pay a day use fee of $2.00 per visitor, if using swimming pool, paddle boats, golf course add $3.   Visitors are to be accompanied by an “adult seasonal” at all time when at the swimming pool, on the golf course, or when using the pool table and in the lodge.  There will be a limit of  4 outside visitors at any one time on a site.  If you wish to have more than 4 visitors  you are required to make arrangements with the management. You may be required to use other areas of the park. Visitors will park in the parking areas. Remember your visitors are your responsibility and you must pay for them.  When your visitors are in the park, you must be in the park.  Visitors may not bring their pets when visiting the park for the day.
You are responsible to pay a $4.00 fee for all  overnight guests (children under 4 free) and comply to the same rules as visitors.  Your guests may camp, but you must make the reservations for them in advance and they are your responsibility.  You must be in the park anytime you have visitors, whether they are camping in your trailer or their own or just visiting for the day. Maximum stay is one week or up to 3 visits per family per season (not in succession).  They must be in before dusk.  If they arrive late they will have to come back the next day.  If they arrive at the gate without reservations, they will be turned away.  RV’s $35/Tents $20 per night, (includes 2 persons), $6 extra person 4 and up.
Parents and Guardians
Parents, guardians and primary renter will be responsible for their minors and guests at all times, including at the pool,  lakes and in all buildings. Minors under 18 may not be left alone, day or night in the Park without a guardian.  All minors must be at their own site by dark.  Minors 8 and under must be accompanied by an adult while in buildings.  Children under 14 years of age and all visitors must be accompanied by an adult Seasonal when at the pool.  We are not a “child care center” and ask that you take full responsibility for  them, know where and what they are doing at all times.  
One vehicle only may be parked per campsite. There is no parking on any vacant site, use designated parking areas.  Please minimize the use of your vehicles as transportation within the park. Speed limit 7.5 mph and strictly enforced.  
Any and all site improvements and landscaping must be approved in advance by management. Any improvements  (plants, patio stones, etc.) become the property of Berlin Heights Holiday Park, Ltd.  When the site is vacated these items will remain  to maintain  the integrity of the site. You are responsible for maintaining your unit in keeping with the park, as long as your RV or park model is parked on it or you have paid for it.   Hand water your lawn and plants, no sprinklers.
Site maintenance
Site maintenance is provided and includes mowing, weed whacking and blowing off patios.   While we try to be as careful as possible, accidents do happen.  They are accidents and thus why we will not be financially responsible for repairing the damage.
RV Units
No RV’s over 15 years old, repainted, and/or non factory conversions. The hitch end of camper will always remain unobstructed (some park trailers and all park models exempt).  Sewer hook-ups shall be done by the park.  Dump tanks must not be left open.  Hydroflush devices are prohibited.
Water is to be shut off at the outside tap when you leave the park and keep a water pressure regulator on at the tap end of  the hose.  If you do not, and there is a leak or breakage you will be billed $45 for water spillage.  House-type refrigerators, deep freezers, household furniture and washing machines are not allowed  outside of camping unit.  Also not allowed are:  skirting (all park models exempt), screened-in areas (park models exempt), tents, decks, fencing.  Nothing will be attached to the trees. No clotheslines.  All exterior lights must be turned off by midnight or when you retire for the evening.  Keep decorative lighting at a considerate number of Watts.  Bug zappers are not allowed.  Awnings must be put up if you are leaving the park.  If an awning gets damaged the fabric will be sliced so further damage is not done to you, your  trailer or other persons or trailers or BHHP property.  All antennas must be RV  type in RV section (park models excluded).  No metal (leaves rust marks on patio) or homemade steps.
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