Text Box: Units for sale
Any units for sale must be listed with the office for prospective buyers to gain access to the park.  Ask about For Sale signs.
Storage boxes
One manufactured plastic storage box.  Storage box must be placed to the rear of your unit and/or inconspicuously on site.  See management for shed requirements.
Placement of RV Units
Free placement of units is offered.  Therefore, if you place your unit,  any damage done to the site, patios, walkways, etc., will be repaired  to its original condition at your expense.  Park charge out rate is $50.00 per hour plus materials.
For winter storage, the only items allowed on the site are the camping unit, the picnic table, empty wood rack, golf cart, clean fire ring and storage shed.  Do not use Duct Tape see management for alternatives.  No tarps or covers. You must remove everything from under and around your unit. Including rocks, stones etc. Winterizing must be completed on or before closing date.  Any site not properly cleaned will be charged $25.00. 
De-Winterizing & RV / Vehicle Washing
All RV’s must be set up by May 1st, which includes  removal of roof vent covers which should  be stored under your trailer, not on your roof please.  RV’s must be washed by May 30th and kept clean throughout the season.     You may hose wash your car for $2.00.  Using a bucket and not a hose for washing your car is free.  
Fires and Firewood
The state health code requires all firewood to be stacked 12 inches from the ground.  Wood racks will be free standing and not to exceed 1.4’d x 5’w x 4’h x 16”d.  The wood rack is to be placed to the rear of the unit and/or inconspicuous.  The wood rack will be empty for winter storage.  The maximum number of fire rings allowed is 1 and not to exceed 18” in height. It must be placed as far away from trees, roots and RV’s as possible. No bonfires or flames over 3’ high.   DO NOT BRING FIREWOOD INTO THE PARK.  See www.ashalert.osu.edu.  Do not order firewood until you have a wood rack to put it on.  Park rack rental $25 for duration of stay. Do not store kindling in cardboard boxes, rodents like to nest in them.
Pets must be registered,  please include rabies tag number #, date and breed. Owners must clean up after their pet(s). Pets must be on a secured leash.  Do not tie your pet to any trees or shrubs.  Anyone walking their dog must carry some form of pooper scooper at all times. Walk dogs on the perimeter road always walking on the side opposite the sites so they do not mark  anyone’s site.  Do not walk pets through walkways in B and C sections.  Pets are not allowed in or around any building.  Pets must not be left unattended on your site or they will be removed from the park. Barking dogs will not be tolerated. Maximum number of pets allowed is two (2) per site.
No lifeguard on duty. All swimming is at your own risk .  Obey the posted pool rules.  Street clothes may be worn for swimming, no cut offs or fringes.  No diving, jumping, horseplay.  Children under 14 and all visitors are not allowed in pool or pool area unless accompanied by a “seasonal” adult 18 yrs. or older.  Anyone who cannot swim should not go beyond float rope.
Fishing / Paddle Boats
Fishing is allowed in the lakes, license not required.  Catch and release.  Children under 12  must be accompanied by an adult when  near the lakes.  Children under 12 are not allowed in paddle boats unless accompanied by an adult 18 yrs. or older.  Anyone who cannot swim must have a life jacket on when in paddle boats.
Motorized Transportation
Motorcycles, motor-driven cycles, all-terrain vehicles are not allowed.  Battery  powered vehicles may be ridden in the park only as a form of transport, but not as a toy or form of entertainment.  Site number must be visible on cart.  If ridden at night,  working headlights must be used.  The vehicle and the operator must be registered and approved at the office. Only those over 18 may drive.  Those under 18 may drive with an adult with them.  Park golf carts on gravel, not the patio, they stain the concrete.
Alcohol is permitted in moderation and in consideration of others. It is not permitted at children’s events, at the pool or lakes. No one under 21 is permitted to consume alcohol in the park. 
The dumpster located at the exit is for camping trash only.  Large items are to be taken to the landfill or back to your home.  Some examples of large items are bicycles, grills, lawn chairs, appliances, etc.  Do not put yard waste into the dumpsters, use designated area.  No outside trash barrels.  That’s why we don’t have a rodent or raccoon problem in the park.
Damage to Property
Any damage to  the grounds, sites or buildings must be fixed to the management’s satisfaction or the cost of repair will be charged to the offender.  Park charge out rate is $50.00 per hour plus materials.
Phone messages
Phone messages will be delivered between 6:00 and 6:30pm.  Messages received after 6:00pm will be delivered the next day.  Please inform your callers and thank you for your cooperation.  Emergency calls only after 8pm.  Sheriff ‘s Dept. (419) 625-7951.  
All outgoing mail may be taken up to the mail box. at the road.  Incoming mail is available after 5pm at the desk in the lodge.  Please place your request for a mail folder in the drop box at the office, if you will be receiving mail regularly.
Firearms are not to be used in the park.  Fireworks in any form are not allowed. Skate-boarding, roller-blading, bike riding, or roller-skating are not allowed on the 2 main entrance drives, on lodge sidewalks or in the lodge. 
When you agree to be a seasonal at Berlin Heights Holiday Park, Ltd., you agree to abide by these  regulations at all times.  Regulations may be amended when necessary.  A copy of regulations is available on request and is also posted in the lodge.  There will be no refund if you area asked to leave for not following the regulations, theft, or disturbing the rights of others.
Quiet hours are 11pm to 8am  Use of power equipment restricted to 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday.
Business Hours are  9am to 5pm .  After that please respect our privacy as we do yours.  We are available 24 hours for emergencies. 
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